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The story is that there was a really pretty nurse named Carolyn, who served where my Dad served as a Pharmacist’s Mate, Third Class —  at the U.S. Naval Hospital at Aiea Heights, Oahu, Hawaii.  Dad joined the Navy when he was 17 – so if he looks young in the picture — well, he was!

When he came back to his hometown in Illinois, there was a new lady at his church that caught his eye – she too was a nurse, very pretty, and they fell in love with each other.  She just happened to be the one who would become his wife, and my Mom.  I was their second child, and since they both liked the name they agreed to call me “Carolyn” !  🙂

Dad in navy - 2


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Friends are such a very special gift! I thought I’d write a little poem to post today.

Friends are special gifts from God.
And so I’d like to say this prayer:
“Thank you, God for each dear Gift,
And bless each one — a Gem so rare!”
C. Justice – 02/03/16

I am posting a collage with pictures of friends doing things with me at variuos times over the past few months (so I’m not in most of the pictures, since I take terrible selfies)!  It’s funny, butal most all of them were taken around tables – where we’d been eating! 


One final collage that I used just last week (I put up a collage daily on Facebook with Scripture and other quotes on varying themes). CLOSE UP FACIAL IMAGES, ETC

 Have a blessed day … and week. I’ll visit around the remainder of the week. 

Adopted for Eternity.....Carolyn