A special day – or 2 or 3

I wrote this introduction on Facebook for a collage and some videos of our special day on Monday, August 10th.

Today was such a very special day for us. We had visitors for a couple of hours this morning. Dad & Mom were the Ninong and Ninang (Godparents) for the wedding of Rev. Jaime & Mrs. Polly Prieto. (That makes them part of our family, and us part of theirs!)
Over the years we have been able to connect here in the U.S. several times, and of course through FB & letters…. but today we had the privilege of sharing hugs, music, prayers, and just wonderful fellowship. I taped 8 songs, plus more which I shall share some of that perhaps tomorrow.
For now, here are some pictures I got of my Kuya Jaime and Ate Polly (mga kapatid — siblings – sign of respect: Kuya = older brother, and Ate = older sister). How we love our precious Prieto’s! They are such godly servants of God, and have begun many churches here in the U.S. & in Philippines, shared their musical gifts, written books, and so much more. Maraming salamat po (Thank you very much!) You made our day!!

Captured Videos2

The Prieto’s sang (while Ate Polly played her accordion) several songs both in English and in Tagalog.  We even sang along on a few!  Here is one of the songs they sang together. You can see both my husband and my mother enjoying the singing, as I panned the camera across the room.

==== Other Exciting Days ====

For those who have followed me (back on Xanga) over the years since Dec. 2004 or after, you know how I love to share about my three grandchildren.  That baby back in 2004 is now a 5th grader!  Here is her first day of school, her brother’s (& best friend’s) first day of preschool, and 2 year old sister just getting into the picture, too!  Shaun, Lissa, & fam7

Well, I’m ending this post with the collage I put up tonight, and then I’m heading off to bed.  Goodnight Friends.

Dotty Bonnell


14 thoughts on “A special day – or 2 or 3

  1. Somehow I was not set up to follow you!!!!! Bummer.

    I loved this. What a super duper blessing from God for you.



  2. Polly is beautiful and I love her voice and accordion playing! Her song (His Eye is on the Sparrow) brought tears to my eyes. I love that Polly’s husband, your precious mom, sang along at times! 🙂 How wonderful to spend time with such dear friends! 🙂
    Give those grandkids extra hugs!!! 🙂
    That collage is especially meaningful for me tonight.
    Thank you for sharing it here on WP, too.
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂

    • Dear Carolyn … I’m thankful that you enjoyed the music, and the collage especially. When God has a message for me, I know that I see it in blogs, books, music, FB, talks, etc.
      I will pass on extra hugs to those grandkids when I see them this next weekend@ Big HUGS and ❤

    • Thanks for stopping by my new blogging home. You’re right about the blessing of being with dear friends of the past. I’ve enjoyed your sharing about some of your visits with friends, too. It is fun to see how each year the children change so much! 🙂

  3. Hi Carolyn, 🙂 I just saw your comment to me over on Michel’s site…
    Yes, I am not too familiar with all the workings of WordPress either.
    I have always wondered where the guava fruit came from. It’s nice that someone else has heard of it, and guava jelly. 🙂 I wish I could still find it to purchase.

    • I would like to comment on your site. . . but I don’t see any place that permits me to do so. The picture of you as a little girl is great… it did remind me of Scout. (I know you were talking about another ” Carolyn” though — one who is much more consistent than I am about writing. Happy and blessed 2016 to you, my friend.

  4. RYC : I answer about quince . Quince looks like a pear but it is not . We cannot eat it raw . it is eaten cooked to accompany meat of chicken or in jelly ( delicious ).
    It is totally different rom guava that is a fruit of the tropical area and that is also delicious
    Love ❤

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