I haven’t been doing much by way of blogging, as those of you who follow me know.  Nor have I been around much to visit. It seems that ever since I retired, I don’t find myself  with a good schedule. I need to figure out what I am going to do and when.

Although I am not teaching, I am finding myself learning more about computer. My mom uses computer mainly to correspond, but when something goes wrong, or she forgets something, or needs something downloaded or made more accessible (she has low-vision) … quite often I’m the one to do it, or to try and figure things out to fix the problem. If I really have problems, I call on my husband — or my brother who only lives a few blocks away from us.

Three and one half weeks ago, my husband and I decided to begin dieting. I’ve lost five pounds in the first two weigh-ins, and he has lost almost as much (he has less to lose though). Our decision to get healthier has encouraged my brother to lose weight, too.  It is nice because while we are all working on the diet we encourage each other and share food products and recipes with each other.

Teaching has always been a ministry for me… and now I have a couple of different ministries. One is taking care of and reading to my mom (as well as my husband of course). The other is that I try to encourage people daily with remembering birthdays (& anniversaries when I know them). sharing a collage a day that I put on Facebook, praying for the requests that people share with me, and even sharing some counsel with those who request it of me. So… I will again share with you some of the ones that I have put up the last several days. I hope that you are encouraged and enjoy them as well.


I hope you have a great week, and that I get around more this week. 


12 thoughts on “ENCOURAGE

  1. Hey, C#1!!! 🙂
    You have some great ministries and those people you help are blessed to have you in their life! 🙂
    Your collages bring joy and laughter and tears. I know they aren’t for me, but I’m glad you shared them here. I needed the encouragement today. Thank you! 🙂
    Great job on the weight loss! 🙂
    HUGS and ❤ and prayers!!! 🙂

    • Dear C#1 ! Goodness…. Am I ever behind on communicating on here! I’m glad that you like the collages and were encouraged! Actually, the collages were for you! I ask God to help me encourage someone – anyone with my collages. Thanks for the encouragement on my weight loss. I have lost another couple of pounds since then. I’m trying to really make my weight loss program work.
      I hope that you are feeling better. Please keep me up on how things are going with your health. Love, hugs, & prayers… C#2! 🙂

      • Hey, C#1 !
        How are you doing today?
        I found out about 2 weeks ago that I have cancer. I’ve blogged about it on my last 3 blogs. I had a bunch of tests and will see an oncologist this week.
        I sure appreciate your love, hugs, prayers, etc!!! 🙂
        C#2 🙂

  2. I am doing better. I’m so sorry to hear that you have cancer. As I stated in my comment on your blog, you are now on my MOP list (Most Often Prayer) List! Is the cancer advanced?
    I’m also wondering about your children. Are they quite young? I shall pray for them as well.

    I like your collage centered on various topics.
    Love ❤

  4. Wow Carolyn the Collages are beautiful , the best I have seen, you have used your God given gift to greatly bless others, God’s Truth how ever it’s packaged never returns to Him void, you are planting good seeds that will bear good fruit for Eternity.

    I always feel Blessed, encouraged and uplifted when you visit our Blog Carolyn but have no bad feelings when you don’t, except that I miss you but in our lives we need to focus on what has priority in our hearts, what we do for others we are doing for Jesus and your Ministries are all about blessing others, which is very good.

    .Christian Love Always – Anne.

    • Thank you for your encouragement to me, Anne. I love to make the collages, and I enjoy putting together Scripture, quotes by godly people, pictures, and things to encourage and instruct others. Sometimes I know of special needs of someone and address those in such a way that they know it is for them without my saying it. Other times it is from things that God is speaking to me about.
      It is neat how God uses us in each other’s lives, Anne, for every time I go to your site, and every conversation we have, I come away being blessed by my time spent with you. God bless you richly as you continue to minister online and off. Love in Christ, Carolyn

  5. I was motivated by God to go on a diet and start exercising at age 40!!! I lost 65 pounds and thanks to God alone, kept it off. That is the hard part. He sent me my first heart attack to motivate me. Now I am 82, falling apart, short of breath and having lots of fun. I am doing about 2.5miles a day walking. and stomach exercises. My wife loves my flat stomach.

    I will say a pray for you, hubby and family to stay motivated. Good for you.

    As you know I have a new career–bird sitting. I am responsilbe for 4 birds while the gals fly. lol They are visiting family and I am for the birds.

    Take care.


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