A special day – or 2 or 3

I wrote this introduction on Facebook for a collage and some videos of our special day on Monday, August 10th.

Today was such a very special day for us. We had visitors for a couple of hours this morning. Dad & Mom were the Ninong and Ninang (Godparents) for the wedding of Rev. Jaime & Mrs. Polly Prieto. (That makes them part of our family, and us part of theirs!)
Over the years we have been able to connect here in the U.S. several times, and of course through FB & letters…. but today we had the privilege of sharing hugs, music, prayers, and just wonderful fellowship. I taped 8 songs, plus more which I shall share some of that perhaps tomorrow.
For now, here are some pictures I got of my Kuya Jaime and Ate Polly (mga kapatid — siblings – sign of respect: Kuya = older brother, and Ate = older sister). How we love our precious Prieto’s! They are such godly servants of God, and have begun many churches here in the U.S. & in Philippines, shared their musical gifts, written books, and so much more. Maraming salamat po (Thank you very much!) You made our day!!

Captured Videos2

The Prieto’s sang (while Ate Polly played her accordion) several songs both in English and in Tagalog.  We even sang along on a few!  Here is one of the songs they sang together. You can see both my husband and my mother enjoying the singing, as I panned the camera across the room.

==== Other Exciting Days ====

For those who have followed me (back on Xanga) over the years since Dec. 2004 or after, you know how I love to share about my three grandchildren.  That baby back in 2004 is now a 5th grader!  Here is her first day of school, her brother’s (& best friend’s) first day of preschool, and 2 year old sister just getting into the picture, too!  Shaun, Lissa, & fam7

Well, I’m ending this post with the collage I put up tonight, and then I’m heading off to bed.  Goodnight Friends.

Dotty Bonnell



I haven’t been doing much by way of blogging, as those of you who follow me know.  Nor have I been around much to visit. It seems that ever since I retired, I don’t find myself  with a good schedule. I need to figure out what I am going to do and when.

Although I am not teaching, I am finding myself learning more about computer. My mom uses computer mainly to correspond, but when something goes wrong, or she forgets something, or needs something downloaded or made more accessible (she has low-vision) … quite often I’m the one to do it, or to try and figure things out to fix the problem. If I really have problems, I call on my husband — or my brother who only lives a few blocks away from us.

Three and one half weeks ago, my husband and I decided to begin dieting. I’ve lost five pounds in the first two weigh-ins, and he has lost almost as much (he has less to lose though). Our decision to get healthier has encouraged my brother to lose weight, too.  It is nice because while we are all working on the diet we encourage each other and share food products and recipes with each other.

Teaching has always been a ministry for me… and now I have a couple of different ministries. One is taking care of and reading to my mom (as well as my husband of course). The other is that I try to encourage people daily with remembering birthdays (& anniversaries when I know them). sharing a collage a day that I put on Facebook, praying for the requests that people share with me, and even sharing some counsel with those who request it of me. So… I will again share with you some of the ones that I have put up the last several days. I hope that you are encouraged and enjoy them as well.


I hope you have a great week, and that I get around more this week.