A Busy Week Full of Celebrations and Other Things

Sunday, July 12th, we celebrated our older son’s 37th birthday by enjoying a great meal at Red Lobster!  (His choice; one of my favorite places to eat, too!) My husband, brother, mom, and I enjoyed our time and repast together!  

Four days later, my brother came over with his treat — Fazoli’s – a smorgasbord of Italian cuisine…. and set up for us the gift that my mom had purchased for Mike and my 39th wedding anniversary — Netflix with a Roku box and remote.  Our actual anniversary was the next day, Friday, the 17th. We went our for a meal and a movie, and then came back home and watched a second movie using our gift from Mom!  Here are some pictures I put up on my Facebook this past week.

I was thinking back to earlier … there were three friends who had close family die … I had a bout of bronchitis … which I’m happy to say is gone now, and we had LOTS of rain! I guess that is about all that I remember happening since the last time that I posted here. The last picture is the offering for this evening (or for Tuesday morning).  God bless you my friends!                       

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8 thoughts on “A Busy Week Full of Celebrations and Other Things

  1. Well, it’s early Tuesday morning for me, my friend! 🙂 It’s so good to finally drop in and catch up with you here. I’ve been meaning to, but we’ve had a lot of family issues to deal with lately … did you see my last message on Facebook? I know you’ve been busy too, and I read your computer had been down … mine was also giving me some ‘angst’, and I haven’t been on line all that much, but I think everything is okay with it now.

    We also celebrated our son’s 31st birthday on July 12th! 🙂 We all went to celebrate at Cheddar’s … but Red Lobster sounds very good, too! And your collages are very nice! What program are you using to make them?

    That was such a sweet anniversary gift from your mom! I’ve always wondered about those Roku’s! I bet you enjoyed that smorgasbord, too … I sure would have! I love Fazoli’s … especially those breadsticks! Sounds like you both had a very nice anniversary – you have a blessed week, too, my friend! ((Hugs)) xo

    • Hi Debi… I’ve not been over here in awhile… but didn’t realize it had been so long! How do are kids continue getting older when we don’t?! I apologize for now being a better correspondent. I have become awful at it, and must do better!! I shall make this my late August goal — to try to keep up better with friends – on FB, email, WordPress, post mail, etc.!
      I trust things are getting better for all of you – health, family, etc.
      God is truly blessing in our needs.
      Still looking for that email from you.
      TTYL my friend, and have a blessed week ahead. (Hugs to U– Debi).. Carolyn

      • Awww, Carolyn, I must admit, I haven’t been a very good correspondent either … not to mention the ‘blogging’ thing! 😦 So often I want to sit down and share but the words don’t seem to flow as easy as before … and besides that, my life is no where near as exciting as others on here. Actually, pretty boring at the moment, at least when it comes to activities … just been a couple of homebodies lately! Looking forward to the fall and the festivals that should add some zip to our lives! 🙂

        Anyway, my friend, about that email … I had sent you a lengthy message on FB back on July 9th. It was in reply to yours from June. I remember reading that you had missed the other ones I sent you, so I think it’s something on FB’s end about not showing that you have them waiting for you in the inbox … but do check in your messages when you get some time, and let me know if you see it.
        I just went back to FB to read what I had shared with you in it, and things haven’t changed all that much since then, other than the cough Lew had is gone, my sister’s daughter and her children moved out to their own home, it finally stopped raining, and the world has gotten even crazier but His Word never ceases to bring peace to my heart in the midst of it all!

        I am so happy to hear that God is blessing in your needs, my friend! He is our hope and source in all things! I pray that you’re feeling even better now, too!

        You have a blessed week and I hope you get to enjoy some nice weather … they’re saying 70’s most of this week, with night temps in the 50’s over here…now that’s my kind of weather! 🙂

        Love and hugs to you, Carolyn!
        ~ Debi

  2. Love the photo/quote collages! 🙂
    Too-Cute Tuesday made me snort-laugh! 😛
    Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂
    And Happy Birthday to the birthday-“kids”! 🙂
    Fazzoli’s and Red Lobster are two of my fav places! You all have good taste for good food! 🙂
    Sorry to hear you had bronchitis. 😦 That is an ughy illness. 😦
    ❤ and HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Happy belated anniversary Carolyn and husband ! After such great times : the restairant, conforting movie in town and at ome, your love must be at the top of the top! 🙂 , ,
    Thanks for the beautiful collage ? They say well about the movies .*
    Love ❤

  4. Happy Birthday and anniversay. Those are the events we love. On the ohter side is the loss of loved ones. I am 82 and there is not one left. lol I know not funny, but my humor has no taste.

    Love your phtoos!!! Clever. I see others do that, but I am a one at a time kind of guy.

    No rain here===well, a few sprinkles. We sure need rain and snow—-badly



    • Two weeks … I’m so far behind, Frank. Thanks for the greetings. You made me laugh …if not from your purposeful humor, than for our comment about your humor! 😉
      Thanks for your appreciation of my collages.
      I hope that you get some rain. (Snow would be a bit out of season right now!)
      Blessings… Carolyn

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