My Laptop Returns!

Hello, my friends. I am back in business after two weeks plus without my laptop. I used my mom’s some each day, and I had my Kindle, but now I have my own computer back again!  Our friendly computer doc had sent off to get a new screen for my laptop. The computer was fine, but the screen was going out.  It took more than twice as long as it should have, because the company sent him the wrong screen for the laptop.

So in honor of the laptop’s return, I have some computer humor to share, plus a couple of my other collages that I put up daily on Facebook. I enjoy sharing encouragement from God’s Word, some great quotes, and at times humor and cuteness to bless my friends (and myself, too).  I hope to get around to see you in the next couple of days.  Sunday we are taking our older son out to Red Lobster for his birthday meal. A favorite place for him, and for his mom! 🙂


Facebook - July 10 (and also for WP)

Use for Saturday, May 9 FB, & July 11, WP


6 thoughts on “My Laptop Returns!

  1. Good news that your back permanently Carolyn but what a mix up, so good to hear your Laptop is OK now. I’m back on the Internet too with a new e-mail address so you will have to moderate my 2 comments, I also had to join up with you again.

    Loved the humor, I used a water pistol on my Computer when it kept ignoring me and doing it’s own thing, I wonder if that was why it crashed but there was compensation, the dogs loved the extra attention they got till it was fixed Lol

    Keep in touch your a Blessing – Christian Love Always – Anne.

    • Ha! I love the water pistol… and the compensation for your dogs! 🙂 It is good to be back in touch again with our computers running again! God bless you and your computer, too! 🙂 Love in Christ… Carolyn

  2. Glad you got your laptop back!
    I am still tethered to the wall with my desktop PC. But as long as it works I won’t get rid of it. Ha. Maybe I’m just cheap! 😉 😛
    Happy Birthday to your son on Sunday! 🙂
    (I love Red Lobster, too! 🙂 )
    Love the humor you share and the beautiful collages! They bring smiles and joy! 🙂 HA! Smiling animals make me snort-laugh! 😀
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂

  3. My dear C… you yourself bring me smiles and joy! Still tethered to your wall, eh … LOL! I agree about smiling animals! Coming over to visit you now. HUGS and ❤ 2 U 2 !! 😀

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