A Busy Week Full of Celebrations and Other Things

Sunday, July 12th, we celebrated our older son’s 37th birthday by enjoying a great meal at Red Lobster!  (His choice; one of my favorite places to eat, too!) My husband, brother, mom, and I enjoyed our time and repast together!  

Four days later, my brother came over with his treat — Fazoli’s – a smorgasbord of Italian cuisine…. and set up for us the gift that my mom had purchased for Mike and my 39th wedding anniversary — Netflix with a Roku box and remote.  Our actual anniversary was the next day, Friday, the 17th. We went our for a meal and a movie, and then came back home and watched a second movie using our gift from Mom!  Here are some pictures I put up on my Facebook this past week.

I was thinking back to earlier … there were three friends who had close family die … I had a bout of bronchitis … which I’m happy to say is gone now, and we had LOTS of rain! I guess that is about all that I remember happening since the last time that I posted here. The last picture is the offering for this evening (or for Tuesday morning).  God bless you my friends!                       

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My Laptop Returns!

Hello, my friends. I am back in business after two weeks plus without my laptop. I used my mom’s some each day, and I had my Kindle, but now I have my own computer back again!  Our friendly computer doc had sent off to get a new screen for my laptop. The computer was fine, but the screen was going out.  It took more than twice as long as it should have, because the company sent him the wrong screen for the laptop.

So in honor of the laptop’s return, I have some computer humor to share, plus a couple of my other collages that I put up daily on Facebook. I enjoy sharing encouragement from God’s Word, some great quotes, and at times humor and cuteness to bless my friends (and myself, too).  I hope to get around to see you in the next couple of days.  Sunday we are taking our older son out to Red Lobster for his birthday meal. A favorite place for him, and for his mom! 🙂


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