Happy Father’s Day

SO …. I had hoped to put up something earlier, but my laptop’s screen is being funky, and will need to be replaced . . . hopefully this coming week. Half of the screen disappears, and I end up having to “smack it” and “massage” it to get it to behave.

So … tomorrow is Sunday, Father’s Day, and my brother’s birthday. We are getting together after church to have barbecued pulled pork sandwiches, green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, and coffee cake for dessert.  The collages that I am posting now are the ones which I shall post on FB this evening … and the birthday card is what I posted on my brother’s FB site this evening. (Our whole family is amused by puns, and so I thought I would share the fun with you, too!)   I hope you each have a wonderful week ahead. God bless you each one.  🙂



June – delights

June is here, and we are finally getting really warm weather now.  Rainy like spring. Sometimes cool weather, and some days summery – like high 80’s and low 90’s weather.  Something for everyone … kind of a season/weather buffet!

Most exciting news around here is that our son brought his three kids over to see Grandpa and Grandma. (Their mommy and our daughter had made a spa date that day.) Shaun and the three kiddos had lunch with us, and stayed for four hours. What a delight! 🙂 We celebrated Quinn’s birthday (she was to turn TWO later in the week), and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them all. I let the two older kids use my camera, and they had fun taking videos, selfies, and other pictures. 

I put up a collage per day on my Facebook page, read to Mom daily, and am studying Spanish (which I have done before, but I really needed to learn more), and very recently added French (because of my friend Michel). The French is a real challenge, because there are so many different sounds and spellings which are so different from English. I’d love to pick up a little bit of some other languages, too, but I don’t think I will ever be fluent in any of them; still it is good to be continually learning things.

Below I have a couple of the collages – one of our birthday girl and one of my nightly collages.  Then I will treat myself with visiting my WP friends Have a great week! 

Shaun, Lissa, & fam4THANKFULNESS3