I am making WordPress my new home for blogging.  I have been with Xanga for many years, and loved it there, but over the past year and 1/2, I have decided that since it is no longer free, or Prime membership went up so much, that I would make the change permanent.

I have not been around here for some time. I keep up on Facebook, but it isn’t blogging. I just haven’t felt like blogging much, but I am going to try to start afresh and put something up once  a week, or every other week at least.

Our daughter Marci sent this piece to us that was on the local news (Columbus, OH)… she is the second one interviewed. Yep, proud Mom & Dad. 🙂

Tiny, endangered mussel has a big impact on local bridge project.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial weekend. My dad uncles, and brother, my husband’s dad and one of his brothers, and our younger son & his wife (and most of her family) … and so many more of family and friends … have served our country in the military, so this day means a lot to us.  Thank you to all of those who gave their lives so that we could live in a free land.