March 12, 2015


    It’s been awhile since I have posted (again)!  So much has happened… and continues to happen.

    Life is meant to be lived to the fullest – and one man who did just that is Tom, the husband of our dear friend Gracia – a.k.a. Ata_Grandma went Home to Heaven on Friday, Feb. 27th. My husband Mike and I had the privilege of meeting Tom and Gracia in person one summer day in August of 2011. What wonderful, gracious people they are!  My prayers are with Gracia and the rest of the family at this time of great loss to them, and great gain for Tom as he has joined the Savior  Whom he served while here on earth.  So today I want to celebrate this  friend who will have his next birthday (April 7) in Heaven.  2011-08-13

    The next person that I want to celebrate is a friend who many of us know here on Xanga… Michel Fauquet.  He has become such a blessing to me just by knowing him. I appreciate his stories, art, pictures, musical abilities, his family, and his knowledge & wisdom.   Michel in hospital - March 2015

    Another friendship that was first made on Xanga has her birthday today as well. Sara – who has had several Xanga names over the years.  She was my first friend from Australia, and over the years our friendship has grown by leaps and bounds. She doesn’t blog anymore, but via Facebook we continue to build our friendship.  Here is a picture that I put up on her FB page this evening (her afternoon). It is a collage of two other people that both of us know from Xanga days. One time when Paula visited me (from Texas to Ohio), we met with Chris (also from Ohio). So I just added Sara’s picture into the collage with the rest of us. :-)    2012-08-211

     Life continues as I learn of friends I’ve known through the years whose lives have been changed by critical illnesses, divorce, and more. These things have burdened my heart… yet these too are a part of life.  One of my friends, Debbie needs a kidney to be able to live a full life. Another of my friends is a young lady in her 20’s who has Cystic Fibrosis. Each day and throughout the day, I look for updates from her mom –  a dear high school friend of mine.  Her daughter Lauren needs two lungs in order to live. She is in ICU at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis on life support, waiting for those lungs. Please pray for my friends, and for the needed life-saving organs. As I write this, I am making a plea for people to sign up to be organ donors (if not already). I thought that I had already done so, but I made sure of it on the evening of March 11th. Hopefully one day when my life is transferred from earth to Heaven, my body parts can be of some use to others – such as these friends of mine.  This reminds me of the approaching Easter season, so I close with one final picture with the timeless message of love of our God for this fallen world.  

    recycle yourselfdontruleyourselfoutbe an organ donor - save lives -2No greater love