And on we go . . .

February 1, 2015

  • And on we go . . .

    Can you believe it? As I write this, and I look at the time on my computer, I realize that we have already just said goodbye to January, 2015!  Where has the time gone? I’ve decided to show where my time has been going via pictures.

    Preparing meals, baking (different recipes for) bread on my breadmaker, reading books to both Mom and myself, correspondence, and I am starting to have the ability to get out a little each week (usually every -other -day) to visit with friends, do errands, etc.  What I cannot do: drive too much, do too much in a day, being on foot (or on chairs) for too long, shopping for very long (i.e. – a full grocery trip is still a no-no), etc. Having said that, here are the pictures with short captions.

    Have a wonderful February! I’ll be seeing you around at your blogs. Until later …

    My friend Lisa custom made these for me. She is SO talented! Lots of friends babies are being born this year, so ... I can keep Lisa pretty busy!!My friend Lisa custom made these for me. She is SO talented! Lots of friends babies are being born this year, so … I can keep Lisa pretty busy!!  


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10 thoughts on “And on we go . . .

  1. Lisa is very talented.

    I am reading more lately–not much, but some every day.

    I hope your energy level improves so you can do even more.

    Lunch with former students had to be great.

    We went to church today. I always hope we go. I hope we join this church and get active and support it like we used to do in churches.


  2. Any little bit is better than none! Glad you are reading daily, Frank. Thanks… I too hope my energy level improves; and yes, it is nice to continue the former teacher /student relationship as just friends. 🙂

    Is this the same church you’ve been attending? I do hope you join it if you both like it. Being active in the church makes for a better experience for all.

  3. Hey, SweetC! Looks like you have been busy with some good things! 🙂
    Those baby things are SO cute! 🙂 Your friend is very talented! Love The Cat in the Hat hat and boots! 🙂
    Reading is always fun! It’s fun to read aloud to someone and it’s fun to be read to! (((HUGS))) for your beautiful Mom! 🙂
    How wonderful to spend time with former students! 🙂
    ❤ and 🙏 's and HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Yes Time marches on but than it is better than when it crawls don’t you think Carolyn at least with you we can see your being very productive with reading and how nice to have some home made bread!

    Now a Permanent is named this because in comparison to a quick roll up with curlers it lasts much longer, like permanent color or just a rinse which only lasts a short time. I trained to be a hairdresser for a short time as a Teenager but it ended not being permanent, I looked after children instead.

    I’m aiming for permanent inner Joy in comparison to being Happy Clappy

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne

    • I am once again coming back to blog after a break. And here you gave me such good answers about a “permanent” … which no one else did! What type of child care did you do? I’m with you, Anne… the permanent inner joy of the Lord — there is absolutely no comparison! I have found Nehemiah’s words to be true: “… the joy of the Lord is my strength.” (Neh. 8:10) I’m checking out some of your posts now. . . so I shall be making a few more comments to you on those. Blessings in Christ to you my friend…. Carolyn

      • I just saw your question Carolyn about my Child care background and I thought I would answer it before I went to bed.

        I cared for children for 4 years in an Orphanage it was a live in position, I looked after 27 girls and 5 boys, when the boys were 5 they went on to a Boys Orphanage. I also did Pre -School Teaching by correspondence which was a great help with the little ones I cared for and later I became a Governess to 3 Children before I married my first husband.

        Since I became a Christian I organized and ran a play group for over 3 years and than cared for younger children in creches, taught Sunday School and I have been an R.E Teacher for over 15 years but I now have my own Funday School for Children who don’t have any Christian Teaching and I have organized and run these on and off for almost 7 years. Both Ron and I were also involved in an Organization called Aunties and Uncles in Sydney for many years, we cared for Children from one Parent Families, so they could have a holiday and their Parents could also.

        Yes God has given me many Children to Love over the years, how blessed I am.

        Christian Love – Anne

      • I so love all of the things that you and Ron do to serve the Lord and other people. I would enjoy sitting over a cup of coffee or tea and hearing stories about all of your various experiences, Anne. You have already had such a very rich life, & have ministered in so many ways. I look forward to our continued conversations. Thank you for being such a bright light. Hugs and Christian love … Carolyn

  5. I have been doing better physically. I just needed to get motivated to blog again. I am going to try to do better. Tonight I am hoping to get a good night’s rest. I do about every other day or so due to still having pain problems, but am so much better than I was at my worst … so I have much for which to be praising God!
    And how are you my dear friend C#1? In my new blog that I just put up, I had you in mind as one of those people who really know how to give that godly touch! Thank you, for your reaching out and care!
    HUGS & ❤ ❤ ❤

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