More Rest & Memorial Tribute

I haven’t been posting much. I’ve had bronchitis for over two weeks, and it has taken a toll of my energy! Mom got it one week before I did, and so it goes. I’m glad that one’s physical health and pain does not have to affect one’s personal state of mind. I’ve had some rich times spent in the Word, some good times here at the home with family, and some good times online too.

While I have been resting, a late (from last month’s birthday) gift from my husband which was ordered last month, was installed at our home. I’m looking forward to the rest of the spring and summer to just enjoy sitting on our newly covered front porch! It definitely changes the look of our “curb appeal!”  A few days ago, Mom and I sat out on the front porch and enjoyed warm sun, delicate breezes, and the “hello’s” of neighbors coming by for short visits. We also have a bird family who are sharing some of the shade.

I hope to gradually get back to visiting around to my still new friends here on WordPress, as I have the time and energy to do so. I have a blog on Xanga as well, and a longer commitment there with friends, so what energy I have usually goes to that site at this time. If anyone really wants to catch up with me, my site is here.

ImageImageImage I don’t want to leave off without saying how thankful I am for the people both in the past as well as in this present time who have given so much for the freedom that we have in the country of my birth – America. My family (& my husband’s family) go back generations with those who have served in each of the branches of the military. In our current generation, our nephew (who lost a limb in Iraq), our son & his wife and her family, and of course countless other friends all are those to whom giving for their country has meant much separation from family and many other things that we take so for granted most of the time.   



Sharing a WordPress Blogger’s Writing(s) Adopted for Eternity….. & Being a Mum comes from the heart not the womb…..

Adopted for Eternity…...This is a wonderful blog about how God loves us so very much!  I highly recommend to you this blog. What Annie writes is so very real, and will

make you think (even if you may not agree with her … though I do). 

Another great article of hers is this one that she had written for Mother’s Day.

Thank you, Annie for sharing your heart.  

Adopted for Eternity.....