I decided to use the dark meat & giblet gravy from Thanksgiving to make a pot pie for supper.  But since Mom doesn’t like giblet gravy, I made up a nice concoction  to make a second pot pie with some of the white turkey meat.  The two pies turned out beautifully, and they both received rave reviews from those who ate it.  Here is the before supper picture.

Pot pies before we ate them.

The second picture shows how much Mike, Mom, and I ate.

As you can see, my photo turned out kind of fuzzy, but you get

the idea.Potpies after our supper meal

I am so glad that we are inside of our nice warm house.  It is 19 degrees (but with a chill factor of 4 degrees. It snowed most of  the day, and we are supposed to get more overnight.  I am always concerned for our older son on these cold nights, especially when it is nasty out, too. He delivers pizza.

Due to our mobility issues, we plan to stay home from church tomorrow morning. {Mom has to walk with a walker; Mike is totally blind, but has very firm footing; I have post-polio, and walk with braces (& do not do well in ice and snow) … though I do very well getting around otherwise. 🙂

However, my brother will pick us up so that we can all go to our church’s special Christmas program (one showing at 2 p.m. & one at 6 p.m.) He will let the three of us out at the front porch of our church.  It will be nice to go together all four of us. Here is the link to the site of our church’s musical program.

I will post pictures of the cold outside world tomorrow, or sometime soon.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.



p.s. – If you like to listen to Christmas hymns played on the piano,  I recommend this blog.  Cory shares his talents with piano teachers and piano students, as well as with those who enjoy all sorts of other piano music on his YouTube site.



   This is a really well done, informative piece of work done by one of my cousins, about being responsible recyclers of e-waste. The video needed to have at least 100 views by Wednesday, December 4th, but it has over that now.   I learned a lot from it, so I’m posting it here for anyone else who would like to see it:   VIDEO

A few collages from the past two weeks.

I. Thanksgiving meal was fixed by the whole family (except husband Mike, whose contribution was to stay out of the kitchen until dish-washing time).  In addition to Mom and us, were my brother Don, and our daughter-in-law Amber (who with our son Tom live in our downstairs apartment)….  poor Tom had a migraine.



II.  Carolyn’s Kitchen: I try to provide lots of variety and yummy meals that will please most everyone. Sometimes I take pictures of the meals that I create.  Mom likes to cook and especially to bake, and so she has contributed as well!


Mom makes sure that not only do we have homemade breads and sweets, but that Mike and I get out on a date now and then. :-)

III. Grandchildren cuteness:



IV. Inspirational quote & picture

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.”     (Oswald Chambers)